Why Choose Us?

If you want to become a trader we challenge you to join our community of traders. We offer students a highly beneficial targeted approach to successful part time trading with the following benefits:


We are very unique in what we offer, our trading strategy requires a commitment from you of just 1 hour per day maximum, this will enable you to continue with your day job and potentially generate a consistent secondary income trading the financial markets. You can join our professional traders live each evening at 9-10pm UK time with the recording made available on-demand for you to watch in your own time.


In today’s financial landscape, Banks and Building Societies offer saving account yields at record lows for their customers, this is now a fantastic opportunity for you to make your hard earned money work harder for you. We can offer a genuinely sustainable alternative to what the Banks can offer you, subject to you putting in the time and effort of course.


Our trading and risk management approach is firmly based in firstly protecting your capital, this is what most retail traders do not know how to do, we want to proactively change this, once your capital is protected we will then show you how to maximise returns.


We pride ourselves on our ability to simplify our trading strategy and terminology so it will be relatively easy for you to follow us.  In addition, we have always stated; once you possess the ability to consistently trade the financial markets over the medium/longer term, it is a skill you will never lose, therefore, this potentially lucrative venture can become a skill which earns you money instead of a skill which costs you money.


Most trading educators use very clever techniques to suggest to you that trading is easy and you will be a millionaire by the end of the year if you sign up.  This is not our style, we know trading is a difficult pursuit especially if you are taught the wrong things in the early days, instead we will teach you a framework for you to become a consistently profitable trader seeing realistic returns on an annual basis, which through the power of Compounding makes this environment potentially very lucrative indeed but only if you access the right education….which is where we come in.


The impact the “Financial Markets” have on our everyday lives is profound, it is a very interesting and engaging environment if you have a basic interest, this is what you will glee from our nearly 40 Years of Retail and Institutional trading knowledge and experience.  You will have the opportunity to inform and educate yourself about the mechanics and impact the financial markets can have on us all.


You will experience a level of trading support unlike any other trading education company out there, all of the individuals you will be in contact with are experienced and very knowledgeable traders so any questions you may have will be competently dealt with immediately, plus we will offer all newcomers 6 month of free One to One tailored trading support as standard, so if you have the time to gain a better understanding we will always make the time for you.


We as a company possess these core values in everything we do, to prove this point and to raise the standards of this industry, we want to offer you our TRANSPARENCY GUARANTEE. If you feel that we are not transparent in any facet of our trading strategy then do contact us to let us know and we will return 100% of any education fee’s you may of paid without hesitation.


It is our aim to teach each and every trader the basic skill sets required to become consistently profitable, then, if you can prove this profitability over a 12 month period we would definitely like to hear from you.  We would like you to join our trading team and manage funds for us keeping a generous portion of the profits for yourself.