A warm welcome to TheLiveTradeRoom, the company that offers genuine trading education from genuine professional traders.  We are deeply concerned about the rate at which retail traders lose money when entering this potentially lucrative environment.  In our opinion, the major reason for this poor performance is due to inadequate knowledge and education about the financial markets.

Also the unscrupulous impression other trading education companies give retail traders about the ease at which it is possible to make large amounts of money is nothing short of breath takingly irresponsible.  For us trading the financial markets is not an easy pursuit by any stretch of the imagination, especially at the beginning, most people cannot stay in the financial markets long enough to understand how to trade them.  This is where we come in, we want to offer a fresh new type of trading education company built on Simplicity, Integrity & Transparency, we want you to take your time to become consistently profitable, we want you to learn about the finer nuances and leverage our 40+ combined years of knowledge and experience in trading the financial markets.

We don’t just want to give you the theory we want to assist you with the live practical application, simply join our profitable traders live for one hour each evening and experience how we make money trading the financial markets, we are very happy to stand behind our approach in an open and transparent way so you can learn why we trade the markets we trade, how we enter, how we exit, how we control our capital and how we deal with the psychological realities of trading the financial markets. All in all we offer a one stop affordable shop for all of you trading learning needs.

Mission Statement

TheLiveTradeRoom aims to become an affordable market leader in transparent high conviction financial trading education. We aim to disrupt the online trading education market by offering those that are interested in trading the financial markets the unique opportunity to commit just one hour a day to learn how to consistently grow their own capital with our in-house high conviction trading & risk management strategy.

Core Values

These are the core value we hold dear to our hearts, and are the absolution cause for the inception of TheLiveTradeRoom. These are not just words for us, these values run through every facet of this company, today and every day.