Trainee Traders Programme

Price: £2,997.00

For Lifetime Access

"Your one-stop shop for trading education."

– TheLiveTradeRoom Team


Product Description

This is your opportunity to pay a one-off fee to access our full suite of trading education products and our Live Trade Rooms. You will receive the following packages:

The Live Trade Room (Normal Price: £99.00 monthly)

This is where we put theory into practice. You will be able to join us live each evening for 1 hour to see how we identify opportunities, how we trade those opportunities and how we make money. Webinars take place Monday-Thursday, 9-10pn (UK time).You will receive a 6 month subscription to The Live Trade Room with this programme.

Live Weekly Trade Plan (Normal Price: £76.00 monthly)

This unique, live and interactive webinar focuses on the genuine levels of support and resistance which exist in the markets. We will analyse the markets that we typically trade in and we will then allow you to bring forward any trades that you are interested so we can provide an advice and analysis on these trades. You will receive a 6 month subscription to the Live Weekly Trade Plan with this programme.

Live Beginners Trading Course (Normal Price: £97.00)

This is four hours of live education designed to give the perfect introduction to understanding the key concepts of financial trading whilst employing both theory and practical learning.

Advanced Technical Analysis Course (Normal Price: £297.00)

The Advanced Technical Analysis Course aims to equip each trader with the skills to make sound technical trading decisions, whilst developing an appropriate appreciation of risk. In essence, the goal is to instill the most essential principle of trading in each and every trader, discipline.

Successful Traders Course (Normal Price: £697.00)

This is 12 hours of practical education that designs a structured framework for trading the financial markets. Our methodology is discussed in fantastic detail while developing a trading strategy aimed at capital protection. We express the complexity of fundamentals and the need for discretionary action and blueprint exactly how to associate this discretion with risk for each individual trade. Trade execution is now the focus whilst learning how to apply conviction status and trade management.

Other products included in this programme:

- Risk Management Software (Normal Price: £149.00)

- 1 x free One-to-one Mentorship Session (Normal Price: £197.00 per session)

- Access to our private trading community