Successful Traders Course

Price: £697.00

“12 hours of practical education designing a structured framework for trading the financial markets. Our methodology is discussed in fantastic detail while developing a trading strategy aimed at capital protection."

– TheLiveTradeRoom Team


Product Description

The objective of this course is to teach you how to trade with technically sound analysis, to maintain an uncompromising risk management approach, and to develop an active discretionary skill set that enables a competent flexibility for each individual trader within the framework of a risk-averse, high conviction trading strategy.

Competent traders understand the complexity market fundamentals. Fundamentals should simply not be ignored. This is not to say trades cannot be accepted from a purely technical basis but that discretion should always have a place in the competent traders vocabulary. So, how does the Live Trade Room Trade?

We Are Technical Traders That trade On An Active Discretionary Basis. We choose to accept trades on a technical basis whilst both using the knowledge and awareness of the markets to both support and reject trade ideas. but develop our own level of competent discretionary action when making our trade decisions.

Successful Traders Course Outline

  1. Successful Traders Course Overview
  2. Market Momentum, Direction & Trend
  3. Applying Technical Analysis
  4. Accuracy & Timing
  5. Trade Conviction
  6. Interactive Decision Making & Competent Decision Analysis
  7. Entry Strategy
  8. Open Trade Performance
  9. Exit Strategy
  10. Portfolio Diversification
  11. Looking for Opportunity
  12. The Live Trade Room