Perceptions & Myths

The Perception

A common perception exists that trading the financial markets is time consuming, expensive to learn and generally very complicated.  We are here to say that it does not have to be that way, in fact, our whole approach to trading the financial markets is based around being able to address these misconceptions.  Our approach only requires 1 hour a day maximum time commitment, is high quality, interactive and engaging but at very affordable prices.  Plus our traders prefer to simplify things as much as possible, the added jargon just justifies the extortionate education fees that some educators charge.

The Myth

A myth which is perpetuated by the clever marketing tactics of many operators in this industry makes it very clear that you can be a millionaire by the end of the year if you just learn how to trade the financial markets.  The reality unfortunately is very far from the truth, many people are sucked in with clever marketing, they are taught all the wrong things by marketers who don’t know any better, everything seems plausible at the outset it just doesn’t stack up over the longer term.  For us, it is very straight forward, return is directly linked to return, so, the more you risk the more you can potentially make but also the quicker you can lose. Our approach is relatively low risk in nature, we priorities protecting your capital first then we like to let our winners run.  We focus on developing your decision making skills to that of a professional trader but this takes a bit of time, if you think you can act and behave consistently and with patience then we will teach you the rest.