Live Beginners Trading Course

Price: £97.00 for Lifetime Access

“Four hours of live education designed to give the perfect introduction to understanding the key concepts of financial trading whilst employing both theory and practical learning.”

– TheLiveTradeRoom Team


Product Description

This beginner’s course is designed specifically for those who have never previously traded the financial markets. We believe education is the key at the early stages of each and every traders career to prevent early losses.

The course provides a solid introduction to the major topics involved in trading the financial markets. As financial trading can be so rewarding, newcomers more often than not enter this industry with no concept of risk and seem to prefer to throw away the instruction manual whilst jumping head first into the markets. Not a good idea.The aim is therefore to grasp a better understanding of how the financial markets operate so that you begin to develop a basic sense of making a trade decision in an informed nature. The main focus of the course consist of:

Webinar 1: What is all the fuss about?

This engaging webinar looks at why financial trading has become so popular, dispelling some of the myths which surrounds the financial markets before looking at some of the skills in which a trader needs to develop. We will look at the differences between the two main schools of thought surrounding fundamental and technical trading as well as discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each. We uncover the mystery of price action and discuss how it can provide traders with opportunities to make money.

Webinar 2: "The Knowledge" - What you need to know

This interactive webinar looks at the important topics in which every trader should have a basic understanding of. Many traders get overwhelmed with copious amounts of information and it is very difficult to know where to begin. This webinar will put you on the right path. We will define exactly why the financial markets react to news in the way that they do and how we observe this. Understanding financial derivatives and the CFD market equips traders with the basic knowledge of how we can operate and profit from markets such as Gold, Oil, Foreign Exchange, Government bonds and Equity Indices.

Webinar 3: Protecting your capital (Rule No.1) & making money

Upon completion of this webinar you will have a firm understanding of the major topics which will impact your ability to protect your own capital, which for us, is rule number 1 and should not to be overlooked under any circumstances. In our experience, most traders do not have an even basic understanding of some of the key topics necessary to manage risk when trading the financial markets. This webinar will begin to change this lack of knowledge and understanding.

Webinar 4: Trade Psychology & Trade Preparation

In this final webinar, we will look at the importance of Trade Psychology, looking at some of the topics which will impact you in ways you may not even realise. If you have an initial awareness of these topics then you will begin to take back control over your decision making processes. We will conclude this webinar series with a brief look at how you can best prepare to trade the financial markets.

This is a live and interactive trading course which we are certain you will enjoy.