Advanced Technical Analysis Course

Price: £297.00

“The Advanced Technical Analysis Course aims to equip each student with the skills to make sound technical trading decisions, whilst developing an appreciation of risk. Our goal here is to instill the most essential principle of trading in each and every student, discipline.”

– TheLiveTradeRoom Team


Product Description

The Advanced Technical Analysis Course is designed to develop the technical capabilities of each student so that they are able to approach trading the financial markets, and make informed decisions on a purely technical basis. We want our students to trade for themselves. This means making their own decisions and acquiring the skills in which to do so. We tackle the obstacles to overcome that inevitable lead to poor trade performance so that a clear method of profitable trading can be outlined.

Risk management, positioning in the markets, technical analysis and review as well as market entry and exit are all closely examined. In educating effectively, we combine the theoretical teaching with the practical application so that students begin to develop a level of comfort approaching the markets and in having a technical basis to trade.